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R J Lannan has been a writer for more than twenty years. He has written short stories, introductions, novels, and poetry. He started writing for his mentor and close friend Bill Binkelman’s Wind & Wire magazine in 1999 and then went on to writing for New Age Reporter, now called Zone Music Reporter. He has always written music reviews from an emotional standpoint rather than just punctuating the technical aspects of the music.

What do you need?

Enhance and strengthen your marketing strategy with professional writing services by a twenty year veteran in the music industry.

THE BLURB - The incredible three sentence announcement of your new work.

THE ONE SHEET - The bells and whistles of your latest project.

THE BIO - Your history and accomplishments.

WRITTEN REVIEW - Insightful criticism of your work.

AUDIO REVIEW - A marriage of your music and my words.

AUDIO/PHOTO REVIEW - Audio with photo montage.

ARTIST'S JOURNEY - A Musical chronology of your career.


Suggested Rates*

Option 1 $0 - Written review as time allows

Option 2 $30 - Written review posted on Artisan Music Reviews and other websites, CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, ZMR, etc.

Option 3 $125 - Audio review and written review posted on your site and Artisan Music Reviews

Option 4 $200 - R J's The Artist's Journey. An audio review and numbered selection from multiple albums with an interview edited in.

*Please do not pay in advance. Donations are accepted by PayPal at smokydreams1@Yahoo.com.

The Process

So I was asked how an Artisan Music Review comes about, so here’s the procedure.

First I receive your music in the mail. I do the happy dance. I have always said that receiving your music is a gift. If you send me a download as a preliminary step, I listen to it immediately. (For a download go to four directions step).

Next I put the disc in my computer and my special software catalogues it, finds the cover art, tracks, etc.

Then I scan your bio or one-sheet into the computer in the 2019 Reviews file. Yes. It changes every year. If you don’t have a one-sheet or bio, go to the Artisan Music Review website and learn how to get one.

Then I listen to the music, from start to finish. Yes, every disc.

From here it may go in one of four directions.

It may go on my world famous “To Be Reviewed” pile.

It may go on the “Possibility Pile”.

It may go on the talk to the artist pile before Possibility Pile.

It may go on the shelf.

Next I listen to your music anywhere from five to fifty times. It know it sounds impossible, but I once listened to a CD for a year before I could give a thoughtful review.

I listen to your music on my Denon stereo. I listen to your music in my truck. It has good speakers. I listen to your music on Bose and Sennheiser headphones. I listen to your music on Creative Labs speaker on my computer. I listen at all hours of the day, early morning, late at night, on sunny afternoons, rainy days, or while driving.

I write preliminary notes, sometimes on the first listen. As I listen, I write notes. Sometimes I write the conclusion before the review is finished. Once I’ve heard enough to get your point, I write in earnest. I sometimes listen to other music while writing your review. Sometimes I write novels while writing your review. I often juggle four or five reviews at a time, doing paragraphs at a time while listening to your music and other music. More often than not, after I write the review, then I read the liner notes. I know it’s crazy, but that’s my method. I spend copious amounts of time on research. Many have remarked that I “get” their music. There’s a reason for that. I listen carefully to your hard work. And all the while I have worked a full day as a carpenter, handyman, cabin cleaner, plumber, etc. I spend time my first love, my wife Sandy, and I eat, sleep, and do other chores. So that’s how I do it. It always has been and always will be a pleasure to write for you. Now you know why it takes a little time to get an Artisan Music Review review.